URL Rotator & Website Traffic Co-op

URL Rotator & Website Traffic Co-op

PageRes URL Rotator & Website Traffic Co-op members can rotate all their URL's from one easy to manage rotator URL with the ability to track the number of hits their rotators receive on a daily basis. PageRes members enjoy fast effective url rotation with an added benefit of being able to drive traffic to their websites and URL rotators with our website traffic co-op.

Rotate Unlimited URL's

Unlike many other URL redirection services PageRes does not put any restrictions on the number of web site URL's members can add into their URL rotators. The PageRes URL Rotator combined with the Website Traffic Co-op system are the perfect tools that have been designed for affiliates, online marketers and website owners that have multiple offers, URL's & websites to promote.

WebSite Traffic Co-op

Drive traffic to your websites & URL rotator URL's with our built in website traffic co-op. Our members have the option of participating in the traffic co-op where they can earn advertising credits for showing their website traffic co-op URL to others. Members can then use the co-op advertising credits they have earned to boost their own online marketing results by advertising their websites & URL rotators in the website traffic co-op. Register your FREE PageRes account today and receive 500 co-op advertising credits just for registering.

Effective website promotion.

  • Add unlimited URL's to your free web site URL rotator.
  • Straight or Random URL Rotation, You decide.
  • Track the traffic your rotators receive on a daily basis.
  • Send website co-op traffic to your rotators & sites.
  • Traffic exchange & Social Media friendly URL's.
  • Effective external program Down Line Builder.
  • High commissions from direct referral purchases.
  • Additional URL Rotator Website traffic statistics.
    (upgrade account benefit).
  • Invisible URL rotation with no bar above your sites
    (upgrade account benefit).
  • Ability to Re-Target URL's added to you URL rotators
    (upgrade accounts benefit).
  • and a whole lot more...

Give A Boost To Your Online Marketing Results
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URL Rotator

Fast URL Rotation with all your referral info and links to your other sites already embedded in the URL rotator bar. Rotate URL's as you enter them or make use of randomized URL rotation.

Promo Tools

We have high quality promotional banners, pre written text ads and splash pages for members to use. We also help members create down line's in external programs with our down line builder.


Every PageRes member has the ability to earn real commissions on any account upgrade or traffic co-op advertising credit packages that are purchased by any of their direct referrals.

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